Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to commonly asked questions. If you don't see an answer, or need more details, call the Camden Enrollment Hotline at (856) 536-3999.

What is Camden Enrollment?

Camden Enrollment is a family-friendly application that makes it easier to learn about and apply to public schools in Camden. Rather than having to submit multiple applications by different deadlines, families can use the Camden Enrollment application to apply to district schools outside of their neighborhood, renaissance schools, and public charter schools. To ensure a fair process that treats all families equally, participating schools will only accept the Camden Enrollment application, available at and enrollment centers across the City.

Do I need to apply?

Any student who wants to attend a different school next year should apply through Camden Enrollment.

Do I need to apply if my child is happy at their current school, and will attend the same school next year?

No, you do not need to apply. Your child can continue attending his or her current school.

If your child is attending Pre-K in the same building as an elementary school, you may need to apply to attend kindergarten. Call (856)536-3999 for help.

Do I need to apply if I want my child to attend their neighborhood District school next year?

Applying to your neighborhood District school is optional. You can select the school on your application to let them know you plan to attend, but your child has a guaranteed seat regardless of whether you submit an application. Learn more here.

Do I need to apply if I want to enroll my child in pre-k next year?

Yes, the Camden Enrollment application now includes pre-k. Learn more here.

Do I need to apply if I want my child to move to a renaissance school next year?

Yes, you need to apply. You should fill out an application for your child and list the renaissance school as one of your choices. If you live in the neighborhood around the school, your child will have receive preference at that school.

Do I need to apply if I want my child to move to a charter school next year?

Yes, you need to apply. You should fill out an application for your child and list the charter school as one of your choices.

Do I need to apply if I want my child to attend a District school other than their neighborhood school?

Yes, you need to apply. You should fill out an application for your child and list the District school as one of your choices.

Applications should be completed by the child's legal guardian.

How do I apply?

You can apply online here, by calling our hotline at (856) 536-3999, or by visiting the Enrollment Center at the Kroc Center (1865 Harrison Ave), Entrance C, between 8:30 am - 5:00 pm.

What do I need to apply?

You will need basic information about your child, such as their birth date, current school, and grade, as well as information about your family, such as address, phone number, and guardian’s name.

You will also need to list your school choices and put them in the order that you prefer them.

If your child is applying to a selective magnet program (Brimm Medical Arts High School, Creative Arts Morgan Village Academy, or Camden Big Picture Learning Academy), they may need additional information, such as report cards, essays, and contact information for recommenders. See here for selective admissions requirements.

I was offered a seat! What do I do next?

If you were accepted to attend a school for the 2019-20 school year, you should register at the school as soon as possible. If you do not register by June 7, 2018, your child may lose their seat. To start the registration process:

  • Contact the school to learn more about registration requirements. Visit your new school’s profile to view their contact information.
  • Provide additional registration documents, including your child’s birth certificate, immunization records, and proof of residency

How do waitlists work?

If your child is not matched to his or her first choice school, he or she will be placed on the waitlist for every school ranked above the school he or she is matched to. For instance, if your daughter matched to her third choice, she would be placed on the waitlist for her first and second choices.

If you receive an offer from a school where your child is on the waitlist, you must respond within one week. After that time, the school will offer the seat to the next student on the waitlist.

Sibling and neighborhood priorities still apply on the waitlist. At a school that offers a sibling preference, a student with a sibling already attending the school would be placed higher on the waitlist than a student without a sibling.

The one exception to this waitlist policy applies to selective admissions magnet schools. If the school's admissions team determines that a student does not meet their minimum admissions requirements, that student will not be admitted or waitlisted at that school. These schools will appear as "Withdrawn" in your online account.

​How do I register?

After you find out your school placement, you should contact that school to register. Different schools have different registration requirements, but many of them require documents such as the student’s birth certificate, immunization records, and proof of residency, such as a utility bill. Visit the school’s website or call their office to find out the requirements for your specific school. You must submit the Camden Enrollment form by June 7, 2019 to secure your seat.

I missed the main round deadline. Can I still apply?

Yes, you can still apply. Applications can be completed here or by calling our hotline at (856) 536-3999. These applications will be considered on a first-come, first-serve basis. Click here to learn more about schools that still have open seats.

​I’m looking for PreK programs. Can I apply to those through Camden Enrollment?

Yes, starting with the 2018-19 school year, Pre-K enrollment will also use the Camden Enrollment application. All Camden residents who will be 3 or 4 years old by October 1, 2018 qualify for free Pre-K. Apply here or click here to learn more about enrolling in Pre-K.

Will transportation be provided?

For K-8 students, transportation will be provided for any student who attends a school more than 2 miles from home, as determined by the county transportation commission. For high school students, bus passes will be provided for any student who attends a school more than 2.5 miles from home.

Some schools provide additional "courtesy busing" for students who fall under the 2-mile limit, and some students receive transportation because of special needs described in their IEP. Contact the schools you are interested in for more information about their transportation policies.

​When will I find out the results?

After the main round results are released in late April 2019, seats are filled on a first-come, first-served basis. The school you applied to will contact you if they have an available seat.

Which schools are participating in Camden Enrollment?

The following schools are participating in Camden Enrollment:

  • All Camden City School District schools, including magnet schools (Brimm Medical Arts High School, Creative Arts Morgan Village Academy, Camden Big Picture Learning Academy)
  • All renaissance schools:
    • KIPP Cooper Norcross Academy
    • All Mastery schools (Cramer Hill, McGraw, Molina, East Camden Middle School, and Mastery High School)
    • Uncommon: Camden Prep
  • Some Camden charter schools:
    • Environment Community Opportunity (ECO) Charter School
    • Freedom Prep Elementary, Middle, and High School
    • Hope Community Charter School
    To apply to other charter schools, visit the school's website or call them directly.

What about private schools and technical schools?

Camden's private schools and the Camden County Technical Schools do not participate in Camden Enrollment's application. However, they partner with Camden Enrollment to share information about their programs:

The Catholic Partnership Schools are committed to providing an excellent student-centered education, deeply rooted in faith and values, which prepares their graduates for successful transitions into college preparatory or technical high schools. Interested families should contact 856-338-0966 for more information about registration and admission. Income-based tuition assistance is available for every family who qualifies. 90% of Catholic Partnership Schools' families receive financial assistance. Visit to learn more.

The Camden County Technical School District operates high schools in both Pennsauken and Gloucester Township, both of which offer a wide variety of career programs. They are dedicated to student success through college and career readiness in an ever-changing world environment. Admission is selective and requirements vary by program. Visit to learn more.

My child has special needs. Can I participate in this process?

All Camden children are welcome to apply through Camden Enrollment, including English Language Learners and students with special needs.

All Camden charter and renaissance schools enroll students regardless of special needs. In District schools, some programs may be offered in certain schools and not others. Note that these programs may change based on IEP review and enrollment needs.

Should you prefer a District school that does not offer your child's specialized program, Camden Enrollment staff will follow up with you directly to discuss your school options. District school placements are tentative until IEP reviews are complete. If you have questions about special needs programs, call the Camden Enrollment hotline at (856) 536-3999.

I live outside of Camden. Can I apply?

Families that live outside of Camden will be allowed to apply to Camden charter schools only beginning February 1, 2018. District and renaissance schools do not accept students from outside Camden.

If you have an address that the application system does not recognize as a Camden address, even though you live in Camden, please call the Camden Enrollment hotline for assistance at (856) 536-3999.

What do the Academic Performance numbers mean?

Academic Growth shows how much students grow from year to year, compared to other NJ students who are starting from about the same place. The school’s rating shows how the median student did on the 2017 PARCC test compared to their peers who have similar past test scores. The school is compared to other schools where more than 80% of the students are low income. For example, Academic Growth of 58% means that the median student at that school outperformed the median student at 58% of similar schools in NJ. 2018 data was not available as of January 2019, but will be updated when available.

Proficiency shows the percentage of students in grades 3-10 who Met or Exceeded Expectations on the 2018 state PARCC or other standardized tests.

Graduation Rate shows how many students who entered the school as 9th graders graduated 4 years later. Students who transfer during high school are counted in their new school’s graduation rate. Rates shown are for the class of 2017. 2018 information was not available as of January 2019 but will be updated when available.

Information about academic performance is provided by the New Jersey Department of Education.

I don't have a computer. How can I apply?

All schools participating in Camden Enrollment will make a computer available for parents who want to apply at the school site. In addition, there are three other ways to apply:


  • The whole process can be completed on your smartphone.
  • Available in English and Spanish


  • Translation available in any language


  • Our enrollment center is located at the Kroc Center, 1865 Harrison Ave, Entrance C. We are open between 8:30 am - 5 pm, Monday-Friday.

How many schools can I list on my application?

You can list up to 8 schools on your application. You should be sure to rank them in the order that you prefer them.

How many schools should I list?

List all the schools that you prefer to your current school or your neighborhood district school. The more schools you list, the better your chances of getting a match!

However, you should only list schools that you actually want your child to attend. If your child accepts a seat at a new school, he or she may eventually lose their seat at their current school if it is not their neighborhood District school.

I already submitted my application, but my information or school preferences have changed. Can I edit my application?

You can make changed to your application by logging into your Camden Enrollment account and clicking "Add/Edit Application." Remember to submit your application again to save your changes! If you need help, call our hotline at (856) 536-3999.

How do I edit my family's information?

If your family's address or contact information changes, you should update it on your Family Profile:

  1. Log in to your Camden Enrollment account here.
  2. Click on the guardian's name in the upper righthand corner of the page.
  3. Choose "Family Profile."
  4. Click the pencil icon next to the guardian or student whose information you want to change.

If you need assistance, call the Camden Enrollment hotline at (856) 536-3999.

How do you decide which students get into each school?

Camden Enrollment tries to match each student to their first-ranked school. If there are more students than seats, it uses priorities such as sibling preference and neighborhood preference, if applicable, to break ties. Each student receives a random number that determines the order they are admitted within each priority group. For selective admissions schools, we also take into account whether students meet the admissions criteria.

If a student does not match to their first-ranked school, the process is repeated with their second-ranked school, then third-ranked, and so on. Students are placed on the waitlist for any school ranked higher than the school they match to.

What is a sibling preference?

For the purposes of Camden Enrollment, siblings are defined as children who share either a guardian or an address. Schools will verify that listed siblings attend their school. In addition, documentation of guardianship and residency will be needed to register once the student has been accepted to a school.

Many families want to keep siblings together in the same school. That is why Camden schools, except for magnet schools, offer sibling preferences. There are two types of sibling preferences:

Sibling Attending Preference
If you have a child already attending the school, your other children will have priority for any available seats. In other words, siblings of current students will be matched to open seats before they are made available to other students. To use this preference, you must indicate on the application that your child has a sibling currently enrolled in the school, and provide the sibling’s name. Schools will verify the sibling’s enrollment.

Sibling Accepted Preference
This preference is for families with multiple children applying to the same school. If one child is offered a seat at a school, any sibling who has also applied to that school will get a sibling accepted preference. You do not need to do anything on the application to get this preference – we will automatically apply it to any students who qualify.

​What is a neighborhood preference?

In Camden, renaissance schools are neighborhood public schools operated by non-profit charter organizations with a proven track record of success. They are committed to serving all students within a neighborhood zone around the school. As a result, they give priority to students in that neighborhood during the application process.

If you live in a neighborhood for one of the renaissance schools, you will receive a neighborhood preference if you apply to that school. If your child is entering kindergarten and you submit an application by March 30, your child is guaranteed a seat at your neighborhood renaissance school.

To find out whether you live in a neighborhood zone for a renaissance school, you can enter your address into the Find a School page and look for the orange icon next to the school's name, or call our hotline at (856) 536-3999.

I’m unhappy with my offer, and don’t want to attend the school where I was accepted. What do I do?

If you do not want to accept your school offer, you should:

  • Log into your account and ‘decline’ the offer.
  • You can edit your application and apply to additional schools by calling the Camden Enrollment hotline at (856)536-3999 or logging onto your account. You can also learn about additional school options on the school search page.
  • If you wish to attend your neighborhood District school, go directly to the school and register.

I did not receive an offer to a school. What do I do?

If you did not receive an offer to attend a school for the 2018-19 school year, you will be placed on the waitlist at all of your school choices. This means that currently no seats are available, but if space opens up, the school will contact you. If your student(s) have been waitlisted, you have the following options:

  • Check your waitlist position online by logging into your account. The school will contact you if space becomes available.
  • Apply to other schools for this fall by calling the Camden Enrollment hotline at (856)536-3999 or logging onto your account. You can also learn more about other school options using our school search page.
  • You always have the option to attend your neighborhood District school. If you wish to attend your neighborhood District school, go directly to the school and register.

Who decides how many seats are offered at each school?

Each school district or charter/renaissance organization decides how many seats to open up at each school, and what preferences they will offer to students. (For example, at most schools, siblings receive priority over other students.) Camden Enrollment provides data to inform these decisions and matches students to schools based on the capacity provided by each district or school.

All students are placed in their first choice school unless that school does not have space for all interested students, in which case a student may be placed in their 2nd choice, 3rd choice, and so on.

Who runs the Camden Enrollment system?

In order to ensure a long-term, neutral system, Camden Enrollment became an independent, 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization in August 2017. The governing board is made up of two representatives each from charter, renaissance, and district schools. The 2018-19 board members are:

  • Katrina McCombs (CCSD)
  • Taryn Fletcher (CCSD)
  • Kaitlin McCann (Freedom Prep)
  • Ranjana Reddy (KIPP)
  • Joe Ferguson (Mastery)

A steering committee made up of representatives from all Camden schools sets policy for the system, subject to ratification by the board. Any policy or resolution passed by the board must have the support of a majority of board members, including at least one member from each sector. This ensures that policies set by the board are beneficial for the system as a whole and do not advantage or disadvantage any particular type of school.