Resources for Schools and Families

Resources for Schools and Families

Use the resources below to learn more about choosing a school for your child and your school options in Camden.

Resources for Schools

Various guides, documents, and resources for school based staff.

Resources for Schools

How to Choose a School for Your Child

This article from CNN suggests some tips for choosing the school that's the right fit for your child's unique needs.

How to Choose a School

Alternative School Options

The Camden City School District offers alternative education options toward earning a high school diploma for students who have struggled to succeed in traditional school settings.

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Catholic Partnership Schools

The Catholic Partnership Schools are private schools in Camden that have a separate application process. Catholic Partnership Schools is committed to strengthening and sustaining the educational excellence of the Catholic, K-8 schools that serve the children of Camden. This network of five partnership schools nurtures communities grounded in faith and values. They provide enriched, student-centered programs that prepare their graduates for successful transition into rigorous college preparatory or technical high schools.

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2017 Camden Enrollment Audit

Full audit of the 2017-18 enrollment year, conducted by Tembo, an education data analysis firm


2016 Camden Enrollment Audit

Full audit of the 2016-17 enrollment year, conducted by Tembo and the Center for Reinventing Public Education (CRPE)


Printed Family Enrollment Guide - English

Download a PDF version of the printed Family Enrollment Guide. (Note: the most up-to-date school information can be found on the online school profile. Search for a school from the top of this page to find its profile.)

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