Resources for Schools and Families

Resources for Schools and Families

Use the resources below to learn more about choosing a school for your child and your school options in Camden.

How to Choose a School for Your Child

This article from CNN suggests some tips for choosing the school that's the right fit for your child's unique needs.

How to Choose a School

Alternative School Options

The Camden City School District partners with Camelot to offer alternative education options toward earning a high school diploma for students who have struggled to succeed in traditional school settings. In addition, several other programs are available in Camden for students working toward a high school diploma or GED.

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Catholic Partnership Schools

The Catholic Partnership Schools are private schools in Camden that have a separate application process. Catholic Partnership Schools is committed to strengthening and sustaining the educational excellence of the Catholic, K-8 schools that serve the children of Camden. This network of five partnership schools nurtures communities grounded in faith and values. They provide enriched, student-centered programs that prepare their graduates for successful transition into rigorous college preparatory or technical high schools.

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Parent Contact Roster

View a list of parent contacts at all public schools in Camden (charter, district, and renaissance).

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Camden Enrollment Family Worksheet

This worksheet will help you learn about your school options and put your schools in the order you prefer them. Use it to take notes and organize your choices as you prepare to apply.

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2017 Camden Enrollment Audit

Full audit of the 2017-18 enrollment year, conducted by Tembo, an education data analysis firm


2016 Camden Enrollment Audit

Full audit of the 2016-17 enrollment year, conducted by Tembo and the Center for Reinventing Public Education (CRPE)


Printed Family Enrollment Guide - English

Download a PDF version of the printed Family Enrollment Guide. (Note: the most up-to-date school information can be found on the online school profile. Search for a school from the top of this page to find its profile.)

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