Interpreting Your Results

Interpreting Your Results

Posted on April 18, 2016

Camden Enrollment results are now available! If you applied before the March 1 deadline, you can log in here to view your results. You will also receive an email and/or letter the week of April 18 with your child’s Camden Enrollment results.

If you were offered a seat at a new Camden school: Congratulations! Your child can attend this school next year. You should contact the school to learn how to register and claim your seat. You must register by June 30, 2016.

If you were not offered a seat: Click here to view open seats at other schools in Camden, or click here to edit your application and apply to additional schools. You also always have a guaranteed seat at your neighborhood District school.

Understanding Your Results Letter


1: Rank

The order in which you listed schools on your child’s Camden Enrollment application.

2: School Selections

The schools you selected on your child’s Camden Enrollment application.

3: Waitlisted

Your child is waitlisted at all schools you ranked higher than your child’s school match. This means that currently no seats are available, but if space opens up, the school will contact you. You can log into your account or call the Camden Enrollment hotline at (856)536-3999 to see your child’s position on any waitlists. If your contact information changes, make sure to let the school know.

You may also be waitlisted at schools that you applied to after the March 1 deadline. The school will contact you if space becomes available.

4: Not Eligible

For CCSD magnet schools (Brimm Medical Arts High School, Creative Arts Morgan Village Academy, or Met East High school), students are not eligible if they do not meet the school’s entrance requirements. On your online account, these applications will appear as "Withdrawn."

5: Offered

The school your child has been accepted to attend in the fall. Your child can attend this school in the 2016-17 school year as long as you register your student at the school by June 30, 2016. You should go to the school to register your child.

6: Offered seat at a higher ranked school

Your child is not waitlisted at any schools ranked below your child’s match.

7: Preferences

If your child has a sibling who currently attends this school or who was accepted to this school for the fall, he or she will receive a sibling preference. Some schools also offer neighborhood preferences to students who live in their neighborhood. These preferences improve your chances of being accepted at the school, or give you a higher position on the waitlist.

Still have questions?

Visit our FAQs page, or call our hotline at (856) 536-3999.