Camden Enrollment's Directory of After-School Programs

Camden Enrollment's Directory of After-School Programs

Posted on October 03, 2019

Announcing Camden Enrollment's annual list of after-school programs, updated for 2019-2020 school year! Many schools and community organizations throughout Camden offer great opportunities to keep your child engaged and having fun during after-school hours. Contact the programs directly for more information.

Be sure to also check in with your student’s school to see what after-school programing and clubs are available there as programming and clubs vary across schools. Check back over the next few months as we add more programs and opportunities!

After-School Programs:

The Salvation Army Kroc Center After School

  • Open to students in grades K-8th
  • After School is home to the Kroc Center's week day programs for children in grades K-8. Our goal is to provide opportunities to children and families so that they might reach their highest potential, by and through the love of Jesus Christ. After School takes place Monday through Friday and includes dinner. Kids are supervised by trained adults who create a safe environment. After School supports The Salvation Army mission by meeting the academic, spiritual, fitness, social development needs of children.
  • Program location: 1865 Harrison Ave. Camden, NJ.
  • How to Apply:
  • Make an appointment to meet with Shameka Grant by calling (856) 379-6858 or emailing
  • Bring your child’s immunization records, subsidy agreement, proof of income, health/education documents (i.e. asthma treatment plan or IEP) to the meeting.


  • Open to students ages 7-19.
  • Programing available:
  • Program location: 3201 Federal Street, Camden, NJ 08105
  • Click here for Youth Registration Form
  • After-School Program (Ages 10 to 15) Monday through Friday from 2:30 pm - 5:00 pm.
  • Youth Night (Ages 12 to 19) Tuesdays & Thursdays 5:30 pm -9:00 pm
  • College Academy (Ages 14 to 19) - Mondays & Wednesdays 5:00 pm -9:00 pm
  • Littles (Ages 7 to 12) - Mondays 5:00 pm - 8:00 pm
  • For more information, visit here or contact Kristin Prinn at or call (856) 350-6220.

Life Assembly Youth Group

  • Open to students ages 5-12
  • Life Assembly Youth Program is a non-profit organization that has been servicing families for over 21 yrs. They work with families and schools to maintain an open dialogue to support the children. They offer Aftercare most of Camden City Schools and offer full day Summer Program.
  • Program location: 7070 A State Highway 38 Pennsauken NJ 08109
  • To register follow instructions here.
  • For more information, visit here or contact Nicole Massey at or call (856) 665-2370.
  • Open to students ages 5-12
  • Life Assembly Youth Program is a non-profit organization that has been servicing families for over 21 yrs. They work with families and schools to maintain an open dialogue to support the children. They offer Aftercare most of Camden City Schools and offer full day Summer Program.
  • Program location: 7070 A State Highway 38 Pennsauken NJ 08109
  • To register follow instructions here.
  • For more information, visit here or contact Nicole Massey at or call (856) 665-2370.

Rowan CHAMP Program

  • Open to students in grades 6 th – 12th.
  • CHAMP Program is a pre-college program in Rowan University serving 6-12 grade students attending public schools in the city of Camden. The program is designed to encourage, support and prepare students for college. Students who are eligible for the program must be enrolled in Big Picture Learning Academy, Camden Academy Charter School Network, Cooper's Poynt Creative Arts/Morgan Village Academy, Octavius V. Catto Family School, R.T. Cream Family School, Ulysses S. Wiggins College Prep Lab Family School, Camden High School, Woodrow Wilson High School, Big Picture Learning Academy, Medical Arts High School.
  • Program location: 129 North Broadway Camden, NJ 08102
  • For more information, visit here or contact Laura Rodriquez at or call (856) 361-2920.

During the academic school year, student participants are involved in academic and career counseling. In September, the student, parent and counselor design a personal education plan for each participant. At the end of each marking period the student and counselor meet to access school grades to ensure that the plan is being adhered to. Students are then divided into career clusters to gain more knowledge in their prospective field.

Tutoring is provided 4 days each week in all academic subjects. PSAT/SAT tutorial classes are offered 2 days each week. GEPA and HSPA tutorial classes are held for 20 Saturdays. Students have the opportunity to be mentored by a college student. Students participate in college visits as well as cultural and educational field trips throughout the year.

Extensive help with the college admissions process is given to all seniors. Financial aid information sessions are held weekly during the evenings.

Camden Kids Academy

  • Open to students ages 0-13
  • Providing before and aftercare to most of Camden City Schools. Open during some school closures.
  • Program location: 1459 Haddon Avenue Camden, NJ 08103
  • For more information, visit here or contact Kimberly Clothier at call 856-966-7000.

Boys & Girls Club of Camden County

  • Open to students ages 6-12
  • Providing After Care from 2:45 pm -6:00 pm. Homework help, swimming lessons, drama, tennis, Soccer for Success, Cooking club, and computers/technology.
  • Program location: 2 S Dudley St Camden, NJ 08105
  • For more information, visit here. You can also email or call (856) 966-9700.


  • Open to students in grades 1st – 8th
  • Afterschool Programs and Summer Camps were UrbanPromise’s first programs in the city of Camden. Since 1988 thousands of children have participated in activities that include arts and crafts, Bible study, recreation, life skills workshops, academic enrichment classes, and community service. During the academic year, more than 250 children attend one of six Afterschool Programs and around 450 participate in our six-week Summer Camps located in eight city neighborhoods. Within a safe and stimulating environment, these programs provide opportunities for children to improve their academic performance, develop necessary life skills, create positive relationships with caring adults, explore the arts, and nurture their faith. Special academic-year activities and events include our annual Martin Luther King, Jr. Speech Contest, Math Dare, Thanksgiving family dinners, and spring break trips. Summer favorites include weekly field trips (typically to a swimming pool or roller-skating rink), the Summer Carnival, and All Camp Day.
  • Program Locations:
  • Click here for Afterschool Program Application.
  • For more information, visit here or contact Neal Stephens at or call (856) 382-1881
  • East Camden: 27 N. 36th Street 1st-8th grades
  • South Camden: (Fellowship House) 1722 Broadway 1st-8th grades
  • Fairview: 1023 N. Common Road 4th-8th grades

Rutgers Future Scholars

  • Open to grades 8th – 12th
  • From eighth grade through high school; Future Scholars receive ongoing
  • Program location: 67 Penn Street Camden, NJ 08102
  • For more information, visit here or contact Brian Phillips at or call (856) 225-6872.

academic support, enrichment, personal guidance, and mentoring. They learn about new subjects and career paths, and gain the confidence to plan for an exciting and challenging future. They participate in residential experiences on campus in the summers, weekend seminars throughout the school year, and college admissions test preparation.

Homework Heroes

  • Open to grades K – 12
  • Camden students! Need help with your homework? Struggling to understand math or reading? Our "Homework Heroes" are here to help every Tuesday and Thursday from 4:30pm-6:00pm! Classes are taught by Cooper Medical students and held in the Cooper Medical School. New and returning students MUST register with our new system here at Promise Neighborhood Family Success Center. Classes held Monday & Wednesday 4:30 pm - 6:00 pm at the Cooper Medical School
  • Program location: 401 Broadway & Benson St. Camden NJ 08103
  • For more information, call 856-964-8096.

Rutgers Ignite

  • Open to grades 4th – 8th
  • Camden Ignite is a collaborative education program driven by and concentrated in the North Camden community which aims to spark student discovery through STEM, art, athletics, and literacy enrichment, mentoring, and college exposure for North Camden students in grade 4–8 after school and during the summer. Serving students from Cooper's Poynt, Holy Name, Thomas H. Dudley students.
  • Program location: Rutgers-Camden Office of Civic Engagement
  • For more information, visit here or contact Leylamar Santos at or call (856) 225-6820.


  • Open to students ages 3 – 15 years old.
  • The Children Achieving Success Through Therapeutic Life Experiences (CASTLE) program offers high quality mental health services geared to help children, ages 3 to 15, who have severe emotional, behavioral, or psychiatric disorders. CASTLE offers three levels of care including full-day partial hospital program, half-day after school program, and outpatient individual and family therapy.
  • Program location: 1000 Atlantic Ave. Camden, NJ 08104
  • For more information, visit here or contact Shannon Broglin at or call 856-246-3654.

Mighty Writers

  • Open to grades 3rd-12th
  • Mighty Writers has come to Camden! Mighty Writers is a Non-Profit organization dedicated to teaching student to read and write with clarity. The program encourages better problem solving and decision making in their lives and for their futures.
  • Interested students can register for the fall season via the website.
  • Program location: 1801 Broadway Camden, NJ 08104
  • For more information, visit here or contact Vanessa Malave at or call (856) 677-8463 for more information

Offer daily after-school academies and scholars programs for students in grades 3rd-12th. The program also provides a mentorship program as well as long- and short - term writing workshops.

The Neighborhood Center

  • Open to students ages 5-13
  • Join us Monday through Friday from 3-6 pm as children from throughout the city gather here at the Neighborhood Center. Looking for a loving and supportive environment for your children to learn and grow? Our mission is to serve your family and help your children to be successful each and every day.
  • Program location: 278 Kaighn Ave. Camden NJ 08103
  • Click here for AfterSchool Program Application.
  • For more information, visit here or contact Valerie Cook at 856-365-5295 for more information.

We pick up from several local area schools: Hope Charter, KIPP Cooper Norcross Academy, HB Wilson, Mastery Charter, Sacred Heart, Wiggins and Cream Schools.

Camden SBYS (School Based Youth Services Programs)

  • Open to grades K-12
  • Many young people have multiple problems that call for different services. The School Based Youth Services Program was designed to provide health and social services that are available to all youth. Recreation is also provided. There are no fees or eligibility requirements. However, services cannot be provided to a student without a signed parent/guardian consent form on file. The SBYSP provides services before, during, and after school and throughout the summer.
  • Available at the following locations:
  • For more information, visit here or contact Ms. Andrea Aumaitre or at 856-966-2000 ext. 38354 for more information.
  • Woodrow Wilson High School
  • Dr. Henry H. Davis Family School
  • Creative Arts Morgan Village Academy
  • Cooper's Poynt Family School
  • Thomas H. Dudley Family School

Evolution Family Success Center – Homework Hub

  • Open to grades K-12
  • All Services Are FREE.
  • Program location: 2850 Federal Street Camden, NJ 08105
  • For more information, visit here or contact Sylvie Perez at 856-963-0270.

Camden Youth Advisory Council

  • Open to grades 9th – 12th
  • The Camden Youth Advisory Council (CYAC) is a citywide youth leadership group made up of high school students from across Camden City schools. In this program, Camden youth are empowered to advocate around youth-identified issues that directly impact the health and wellness of Camden City residents. Past projects have included improving school food, increasing access to clean drinking water, improving the perception of the City of Camden, and organizing a Day of Play for community members. The CYAC is jointly advised by The Food Trust and the Food Bank of South Jersey.
  • Program Location: 1501 John Tipton Blvd. Pennsauken, NJ 08110
  • For more information, contact Tricia Yeo via email or at 856-669-9055.

*Food & Transportation provided for every meeting.

*Meetings are twice a month after school, Wednesdays from 3:30 pm - 5:30 pm.

City of Camden After School Programs

  • Open to ages 8-16
  • Afterschool program hosted at one of the City's Community Centers; Providing Arts & Crafts, Trips, Workshops & Homework Assistance. Register at any of the locations below
  • Program Locations:
  • For more information, reach out to the Dept. of Human Services at 856-757-7285 (please note: a parent/guardian must register in order to participate)
  • MLK Community Center: 1151 Haddon Ave. (856-757-7605)
  • Cramer Hill Community Center: 1035 Reeves Ave. (856-757-7498)
  • Malandra Hall: 1200 S. Merrimac Road (856-757-7366)
  • North Camden Community Center: 6th & Erie St. (856-757-7598)
  • Broadway Community Center: 713 Broadway (856-757-7127)
  • Isabel Miller Community Center: 8th & Carl Miller Blvd. (856-757-7504)

Guadalupe Services - CASA

  • Open to grades 9th – 12th
  • After-school program providing social and academic supports.
  • Program Location: 509 State St. Camden NJ 08102
  • For more information, visit here or call 856-365-8081

Mentorship Programs

Rising Leaders Entrepreneurship Program

  • Open to ages 6-18
  • Mentor program that offers positive youth development, promote self-sufficiency and healthy lifestyles. Rising Leaders mission is to build future leaders and young entrepreneurs by providing exposure to various careers.
  • Every Wednesday from 6pm-8pm.
  • Program Location: Isabel Miller Community Center 8th & Carl Miller Blvd.
  • Click here for application.
  • For more information, contact N'Mandee Nelson at (856) 535-6717 or via

WWITS Mentoring Program

  • Open to girls ages 9-17
  • WWITS Female Youth-At-Risk Mentoring Program assists in our girls’ development by focusing on the following areas: Leadership, problem solving skills, conflict resolution, coping skills, peer resistance, anger management, responsible citizenship, service to their community, physical fitness, health and hygiene, job readiness, and academic excellence.
  • Program Location: 808 Market Street, 3rd Floor Camden, NJ 08102
  • For more information, contact Pastor Gwendolyn Ann Cook at 856-203-7948

B.O.S.S Mentoring Program

  • Open to ages 8 – 18
  • BOSS Mentoring focuses on the following 5 areas:
  • Physical & Mental Health Awareness
  • Academic success
  • Life skills
  • Cultural competency
  • Financial literacy
  • Program consist of small group sessions in school based upon availability and out of school, community service events, college tours, and field trips.
  • Click here for Preliminary Application.
  • For more information, call (856) 295-2584 or email

Girls Scouts Troop #30282

  • Open to ages 6-12
  • Why should teens & pre-teens join Girls Scouts? To become successful future leaders! Come go on adventures, become financially empowered & more confident by gaining opportunities that will take you places.
  • For more information, contact Terina Nicole via email at or call 201-737-0171

I Dare to Care

  • Open to ages 7-18
  • I Dare to Care will provide educational, vocational, therapeutic and spiritual resources to their participants which will assist them in overcoming obstacles that impede upon their success, also teaching them to recognize the power of their voices and the value of their lives. Assisting them with exploring possible career opportunities, acquiring the skills necessary to resolve conflicts and more importantly, learn how to accept responsibility for their personal life choices as they learn to identify, set and achieve goals.
  • Program Location: 1656 Kaighns Ave. Camden, New Jersey 08103
  • For more information, contact Pamela Grayson-Baltimore via email at or call (856) 486-2072.

Enrichment Programs

Rowan J.U.M.P. Program

  • Open to grades 11th and 12th
  • The Junior Urban Medical Pioneers High School Academy (JUMP High) is a year-long program for area high school students who excel in math and science. The program's hands-on activities and interactive learning sessions expose students to applied science, and provide an overview of a variety of science and healthcare careers.
  • Program Location: 401 S. Broadway Camden, NJ
  • For more information, contact Michael A. Green at 856-956-2773 or via email at

The sessions occur one Saturday per month in the fall and spring.

Dare to Dance

  • Open to ages 3-18
  • Dare 2 Dance is a 10-month program that runs from September to June. With each class meeting once a week, Our Stars ranging from ages 3 to 18, learn various techniques such as Ballet, Tap, Jazz and Hip Hop. Stars learn terminology & choreography as well as dance history. We also offer Master classes for our students and the public.
  • Program Location: 1656 Kaighn Ave, Camden, NJ 08103
  • For more information, contact Nyemah Gillespie at 609-332-6585

Camden County Library System -

  • Available for grades K-College
  • Student Center and College Center Students (and parents!) can get help for any kind of academic question in math, science, English, social studies and writing. The tutors work with students in kindergarten through 12th grade and even AP level class work and intro-level college coursework. Connecting with a tutor is easy. You just need a library card and a computer or mobile device with internet access. Professional tutors are available online from 2 p.m. - 12 a.m. through any internet-enabled computer or mobile device. This service is also available in Spanish.
  • For more information, visit

The Hoodbrarian

  • Open to grades K-12
  • Nurturing the minds and imaginations of urban communities one page, one chapter and one book at a time. Ask us about our book clubs.
  • For more information, contact Danielle Jackson at 856-879-8479.

HiQ Educational Solutions

  • Tutor student all grades and ability levels
  • All staff are certified teachers or college students.
  • Offer a variety of services including homework help, study skills and test preparation.
  • For more information, call 856-249-5549 or email