Camden Enrollment Releases Main Round Results

Camden Enrollment Releases Main Round Results

Posted on May 04, 2018

Thank you so much to all of the families and community partners who participated in Camden Enrollment's main round! Families who applied in the main round were notified of their school match on May 1, and we wanted to share some exciting information about this year's results:

Over 3,000 families from pre-k through 12th grade submitted applications for the 2018-19 school year. Overall, 81% of all students who submitted a Camden Enrollment application received an offer from a school on their list.

In pre-kindergarten and kindergarten, 96% of applicants matched to a school in their top three choices. In 9th grade, 67% of students matched to a school in their top three choices. The lower match rate for high school is largely driven by fewer available seats at high-demand high schools, including district magnet schools which have selective admission criteria.

Camden families can use the simplified Camden Enrollment application to enroll their child at 54 schools across the city. This year, the application included pre-k programs for the first time.

“My students were accepted into the top school of their choice, and I couldn’t be happier. Camden Enrollment made the process easy for me, and I know it’s going to be a great year because my students are going to the school that’s right for them,” said Camden parent Veronica Ramirez of her three elementary-aged children.

In addition to its annual High School Exploration fair, this year Camden Enrollment organized an Elementary Bus Tour, which gave families the opportunity to tour every public elementary school in the city.

“I’m so thankful for the opportunity to visit Camden schools as part of the Bus Tour,” said Ramirez. “Ultimately, I applied to the schools that felt like the right environment for my children.”

Camden Enrollment launched in 2015 to give parents access to a simple, single, City-wide application to attend any District, renaissance, or participating charter school. Since then, over 10,000 families have taken advantage of the voluntary system to research and apply to attend a variety of publicly-funded schools open to Camden families.

All families who need a new school for the upcoming year, especially those with students rising to pre-kindergarten, kindergarten and 9th grade, are encouraged to submit applications in the main round of the process to ensure the best chance of matching to one of their top school choices. This year’s main round deadline was March 30th.

During the 2018 main round, Camden Enrollment received over 700 applications for pre-kindergarten, nearly 850 applications for kindergarten, and over 450 applications for 9th grade.

Based on feedback from District schools, this year families were able to choose their neighborhood district school on their Camden Enrollment application. While neighborhood students continue to have a guaranteed seat at their neighborhood district school, this helps Camden City School District schools better plan for their expected enrollment for the upcoming school year. Nearly 150 students chose to enroll in their neighborhood district school during the Main Round.

After two years operating under the management of the Camden City School District, Camden Enrollment now operates independently as a non-profit with a Board of Directors made up of representatives from Camden’s District, charter, and renaissance schools. This governance shift allows the organization to remain a neutral, sustainable organization, responsive to the needs of all Camden families.

Families can log into their account to view their results or call the Camden Enrollment hotline at (856) 536-3999. Families who were matched through the lottery must begin registration at the school they matched to by June 8. Anyone who was not matched with a school or missed the deadline may submit a post-enrollment application at